Momax Q.Mag Mount 15W Magnetic Wireless Charging Car Mount

QAR 149

Product Details:

A circular stand with a 15-watt wireless charger with Magsafe technology installed in place of the air conditioner from Momax.

It is suitable for all phones using magnets (MagSafe) without the need for any adhesive and can be used with cases that support MagSafe.

It has soft ambient light, safe and easy installation at night without affecting driving.

The base of the air conditioner vents can be moved 360 degrees.

The stand has the strongest magnetic force.

A distinctive, slim and light design that blends in with your car elegantly and does not take up much space in the car.

Made of high-quality materials that are not affected by heat.


The charger supports all types of iPhone from 12 and above.

It contains additional parts that can be installed on the phone if your phone does not support MagSafe technology.