Bolt Beverage Refrigerator 50L

QAR 999

Product Details:

Beverage Refrigerator A stable environment with Bolt's constant temperature and humidity system.

The double-layer tempered glass door has excellent insulation and protects your drinks from harmful UV rays.

It has a Control Panel With the easy to use touch control panel and digital display you can adjust the temperature, humidity, interior LED lighting and more at your fingertips.

Temperature: from 5 to 18 degrees Celsius. Ambient: from 10 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Suitable for drinks and bottles.

It contains movable metal shelves.

Easy to use multi-function digital controls.

It has a thermostat system with LED display.

Indoor humidity: >60%

Forced evaporator can cool and auto defrost.

Contains an odor-free activated carbon filter.