Aynola 2nd Generation Portable Electronic Bidet

QAR 300

Product Details:

The second generation of portable bidet is rechargeable and patented by Aynola.

Upgraded design, higher quality, better performance, and a smaller size than the first generation.

It contains an operation button and a button for pumping water with three levels.

It has a water pumping power of 5 times that of any other portable bidet.

The sound level has been adjusted from the first generation, and its sound has become quieter than the sound of the old one and the sounds of any other portable bidets.

It works for 3 weeks if it is fully charged and is suitable for travel or road trips.

It can be used with different water sources such as (water basin, water bottle, etc.).

Small in size and easy to use and carry anywhere.

1 year warranty.

The box contains:

Bidet base.

Type-C Charging Cable.

Small bag to carry the bidet.